When you throw yourself in this ghost hunt that is the case of the Beast of Gévaudan, you often start with only one question in mind: what was the Beast?
In spite of giving you an answer, here are some pages that may help you make your own opinion which, if not precise, will be at least a bit cleaned from all the false images we can have from the beast.

Puce identité Identity of the Beast

Small thought about what we really are looking for...

Puce apparence Look of the Beast

My personnal vision of the Beast, from what I know about the case and animals.

Puce tache de sang Wounds

What wounds did the animals killed in 1765 and 1767 have? Every detail right here.

Puce bestiaire The beast in drawings

Some of the photo-montages I did through the years, more ancient to most recent.

Puce S&V Jr The beast in comics

To comics projects, one for the french newspaper Science et vie Junior, the other for myself.

Puce Bête 3D Computer Assisted Taxidermy

Full size modeling project of the Beast. All the steps I went through since 2004 are in here.


Many identities have been given to be the Beast's to explain its extraordinary abilities. Here are some of the usual suspetcs, and wether or not they fit the description of the Beast.

Puce loup Wolf

Fisrt victim of human ignorance, the wolf has one of the worst reputation in the animal world. Is there only a good reason?

Puce hybride Theory of the hybrid

What can we say about this theory?

Puce meute The pack

What kind of scenario includes a pack of animals? What are the conditions?

Puce dresseur The trained animal

How to train an animal to kill humans? Nothing more simple: take a good dose of evil, or an absolute ignorance of animal behaviours, shake a bit and wait for it to bite...

Puce hyène The hyena

Theory by Franz Jullien.

Puce autres théories Other theories

Many of the explanations given to explain the nature of the Beast, which I do not develop any further on this website.

Puce decapitations Beheadings

How many beheadings were there during the case? How to interpret them? Can an animal, once and for all, behead a human body? If so which ones? Answers right here.

Puce chasse 19 juin The two deaths of the Beast

What became of the bodies of the two animals killed during the case?

Puce scénette Miniatures

Presentation of artistic woks done by passionnates.

Puce musique Beastie music

Superbe album by Gaël Hémery, composed from french folklore of the "Langue d'Oc" (litteraly "tongue of Oc" - the language spoken in the south of France in the 18th century and stil a bit nowadays) by the time of the Beast. All this played on instruments which are exact copies of those from the 18hth century. Quite a great musical journey through the land of the Beast...

Puce autres bêtes Other Beasts

The Beast of Gévaudan is unfortunately far from being an exception in France. Here are some of the most famous ones...