Thanks to the prodigious work of some passionnates of the Beast of Gévaudan (Michel DUMAS from Généal 43, Hélène Romain, Bernard Soulier, Alain Bonet), this section dedicated to the documents from the time of the Beast was born.

My purpose here is not to present all the original papers we know - the chronology by Sire Bonet is here for that - but some of the documents that I think are interesting to know or, failing that, to have read once in your life.

If you have ideas of documents that would make nice amongst the others, send them to me and I will add them...


Puce croix Death reports

A few death reports to see by yourselves how hard it can by to decypher ancient texts (a translation is above every picture). Still in french but update to come.

Puce signature Signatures

One can read a lot in someone's signature. Here are some...

Puce mémoire Portefaix Mémoire de Jacques Portefaix

Did the report of Jacques Portefaix exist? Answer here.


Puce rapport Marin Marin's Report : Jean Chastel's beast

Complete report written in the Besset on june 21st 1767. File format .pdf - still in French, sorry ; to read it you need Acrobate Reader.

Puce lettre d'Auvergne Letter of Auvergne on the Beast killed by Chastel

This is the only other document that talks about the autopsy of the Beast Jean Chastel killed - still in French, sorry.

Puce Marin vs Auvergne Comparison Marin/Auvergne

Comparative work by Clément Drolet, canadian passionate. File format .pdf - still in French, sorry, to read it you need Acrobate Reader.

Puce Rapport M-J Valet Report By François Antoine: Marie-Jeanne Valet

Report by François Antoine after he met the one he will call in his letters the "Virgin of du Gévaudan", Marie-Jeanne Valet, who fought alone he Beast near Paulhac-en-Margeride - still in French, sorry.

Puce loup des Chazes Report by Antoine : the wolf of the Chazes forest

Report by François Antoine about his (fake) hunt in the forest of the royal abbey of the Chazes - still in French, sorry.

Puce rapport Marin Report by Jaladon : the beast killed by François Antoine

Report of the surgeon who studied the beast killed by Antoine at the Chazes forest, and brought to Clermont-Ferrand (because it was killed in Auvergne not in Gévaudan) - still in French, sorry.


Puce Rapport Marin Booklet from the Jardin des Plantes in 1819

Puce Aribaud-Farrère La Bête du Gévaudan identifiée

Complete booklet by M. Aribaud-Farrère, puiblished in 1962 in Béziers. File format .pdf, - still in French, sorry, to read it you need Acrobate Reader.


Puce stats Church registers from la Besseyre-Saint-Mary - 1677 / 1768

Shows only documents signed by someone named "Chastel" - still in French, sorry.

Puce stats Satistirées par les...

Statistics about the amount of signatures of the Chastels familly members in the archives of la Besseyre - still in French, sorry.

Puce stats Statistirées par les...2° opus

Statistics about how often you can find tracery in the signatures of Jean Chastel and his brother Pierre - still in French, sorry.


Défense et illustration du comte de Morangiès

Study by Serge Colin written in 2001, far from what we know about the count today but still, it was the first study made about him.

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