About this website

Welcome, novices or experienced researchers.

You are more and more eveyday t ocome on this website and I only can thank you for it. But it's been eighteen years that I'm working on it ! But I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about the world you're about to enter, where peaople hunt the Beast of Gévaudan.

Fisrt of all, this pages represent everything I have done as researches since 1997 ( this website first opened on september 11th 1998 after one whole year of preparation - yes i know, fate made it to be that day, but I was there first!) and are here to give you as many objective information as possible.

Like the picture on the left, you'(ll always be late on the Beast. We can only examine the traces of her deadly track. Don't begin with the idea of catching it, you're about two hundred and fifty years late. Discoveries in the archives are rare, even if it's still possible to make some, don't expect to find a letter signed by such or such main character of the case, saying unambiguously what was the Beast, you will never find it..

Nor is there any "correct" theory: there are only thoughts in move. The problem is that those who help developping the legend only focus on the detail they need, forgetting the rest. Here I give you all the elements I have verfied myself, leaving some doubt where I have to, and blowing away the others. But there are stil too many who refuse to see the irrefutable proofs of History, because if they did, their theory should collapse...

If I oftent refer to some "logical sense", that some of the searchers are obviously missing, I have to admitt that the only "logical sense" would not alow anyone to find the solution but it's a way of investigation that works for me. Sometimes though, there are things that are logical to only one person, to only one peculiar situation, or one feeling of the human being that we will never e able to even imagine what it was. At best we can imagine several cases and claim that "it must be something in the middle of all this".

You also need, not to hurt yourself, verify the info found on the net, as well as in the beautifully bound book. You can find everything or nothing, and it's often "nothing" that "serious" people remember and use to consolidate their rickety theory. Mix whatever with nothing, you still have nothing. But you can only tell by verifying. Yourself is the best. Let me tell you a personnal anecdote about the report written by Jacques Portefaix.

A small recap of the attack first : on jnuary 12th 1765, Jacques Portefaix and six other children from the Villaret fight the Beast that flees. The king will offfer Jacques stydies in reward for his bravous act. Jacques wrote a report that many letters from the time talk about, but nobody ever found the document. And one day, Roger Lagrave prints a booklet about Portefaix, where he gives passages of the report, which accuses man to be behind the Beast.

This booklet and its "revelation" have been taken for real by many so called historians (hardly historians, I'd say!) who believed in the sadist or the trainer theory. But the passages of the report are fake. Roger Lagrave never denied, he himslef was surprised that nobody ever found out about it, because he intentionnaly put details that provved this could ot be something written in 1767. Real historians would have noticed.

Always refer to the original, or the author when possible. That is the first of my rules. The second is patience. You're gonna need it if you ever end up in the national archives or any kind of archive at all. But sometimes it's usefull.

Let me finich on a more personnal note. I've been working on this site for 17 years hoping to change people's minds. So many wrong has been caused by people who thought they found the solution to the mystery, but all they did was to make it worse and add some more myth where simple truth was needed. So if you decide to open you website, blog about the Beast (what I strongly recommand to those who have enough time), don't fall in the neverending spiral of smoky theories, only put information you got from the source (name, archive's code, ISBN, etc...). Go on the principle that if we are enough to restore the truths we know for sure, enough to infect others with real information, then we will win it all.

Have a safe journey and may the Beast bless you!