Presentation of Captaine Duhamel

"Captain Duhamel". This is how we all know him. "The one who came first to hunt down the Beast".
What was his exact grade?
His first name?
His age?

Here is a small ID card I've put together with all the things I've collected.

Name of birth First names Date of birth Grade
Boulanger Duhamel Jean-Baptiste-Louis-François April 6th 1732 in Amiens Captain adjutant, commander of the detachment of Volunteer dragoons of Clermont-Prince in Gévaudan (1764-1765)

First position in the Infantry Regiment of Cambis at the age of 15 years. Recruted as adjutant of the troop of "foreign volunteers" in spring 1758, he becomes Captain Adjutant of volunteers of Clermont-Prince in May 1758.

For info, the entire civil statement of captain Duhamel was found a few years ago by Mr Henri Allyot, true searcher and passionate by everything related to everything around the case of the Beastof Gévaudan.

Knight of the Order of Saint-Louis on december 9th 1771, he retires in 1788 with an annual pension of 1,400 pounds.