In the case of the Beast of Gévaudan, man has always been the first victim. But could it be that he played some other role in this case?
Here are a few studies.

Puce vie d'époque Life in the XVIIIth century

How was life by the time of the Beast? Answers right here.

Puce Chasseurs de la Bête Hunters of the Beast

There have been four hunters against the Beast. Come and learn about every detail of them.

Puce sadique Theory of the sadist

Can we explain the case with a sadist?

Puce cannibale Cannibals

What if the Beast never existed? Theroy by André Aubazac.


Puce personnages 01 Who are they?

Non-exhaustive list of important characters in the case.

Puce Rodier the Rodier family

Study on the execution of a familly of thieves in Mende, in 1762. They were accused to have trained wolves to attack people on the roads...

Puce Morangiès De Morangiès

You know the count de Morangiès? Forget everything, we were all wrong! Explanation.

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