You can not talk about the case of the Beast without mentionning places. Because there are many places you can still go today and that look like they were 250 years ago, and for those that do not exist anymore, there are miniatures, computer generated images like on this page.

Puce cabinet The Cabinet of the King

Reconstitution of the cabinet of the King by the time of the Beast, as well as a part of the gardens and the location of the cages of ferocious animals, mentionned in their booklet in 1819.

Puce carte Maps of Gévaudan

What were the limits of Gévaudan? answer in two maps.

Puce sogne The sogne of Auvers

We all know what does the sogne look like today. But do you know what it looked like by the time of the Beast?


Puce macbet Maj Gazette de la Bête

Official Library of the Gazette de la Bête, annual newspaper tat tells you all about the Beast. Made by Bernard Soulier.

Puce de la Bête The opinion of pros

Here is the theory of all the profesionnals I've met since 1997.

Puce livres Library

Non-exhaustive list of books about the Bête.

Puce films Video library

Several vidéos about the Beast. Some I made, some not.

Puce Forum Forums

Because every question needs to find some answers...


Puce tricorne Thanks

Exhaustive list of the people who helped me.

Puce flèche droite Links

Websites about the Beast, but not only.

Puce tricorne Contact

Clicl to contact me about my research.

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